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POS-ED • Positive Education

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POS-ED Meaning

The Pos-Ed Program (Years 8-12) is based on positive and performance psychology concepts in the context of Catholic teachings.
The 4 areas of focus are:

  • Positive Identity
  • Positive Purpose
  • Positive Relationships
  • Positive Health

Performance Psychology (Years 8 & 9)
Performance Psychology is the focus of Positive Education in the Middle School students (Years 8 & 9).  The Performance Psychology focus is on encouraging students to develop cognitive and emotional skill to allow them to ‘be the best they can’ in all aspects of life.
Positive Psychology (Years 8-12)
Positive Psychology aims to give students strategies to utilise positive emotions, have full engagement in life by explicitly developing strategies in engagement, resilience, savouring, mindfulness, flow, gratitude, strengths and ‘giving back’ to the community.
Key outcomes of Positive & Performance Psychology are:

Resilience training    Self-determination
Optimistic thinking Connectedness
Teamwork Creative thinking and learning
Relaxation Identifying and utilising strengths

Performance and Positive Psychology complement Habits of Mind, Dimensions of Learning and the College Vision of the Graduate:

The Yea Level Coordinators, Home Room teachers and College Psychologist deliver the Pos-Ed program. They also strive to provide a caring and nurturing environment for students.
They can be contacted should you have any concerns relating to student wellbeing matters and school progress.

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