Mt St Michael's College has a long and successful history of Debating, with past students in both State and National teams.

At the College students are offered the opportunity to take part in the Queensland Debating Union (QDU) competition, as well as the Junior Round Robin competition for first-time debaters.

We recognise at Mt St Michael’s College that there are many advantages to be gained from learning how to debate well.  The first and most obvious is that it can do wonders for a student’s self-confidence and team work. While debating is a team exercise, it is very individual in its benefits. It also helps students to be active listeners as well as sharpening their analytical skills.

Students are also encouraged to hone their speaking skills so that when they have something to say about an issue, they will have the ability to stand up and say it, and say it well – even in front of a strange audience.

In short, debating can help a student to be the best she can be. The ability to communicate and be receptive to the communications of others is a wonderful advantage in life.


The group meets once per cycle and students are elected to service positions within the group at the start of each year.


The co-ordinator of Debating is Mrs Marilyn Lee,

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