Social Justice Council
The Social Justice Council is an autonomous fellowship which is independent of any established social justice groups.

Although the group is not affiliated officially with any political or religious groups, it is part of the Community Action Network at Mt St Michael’s College in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity, and ultimately the Catholic Church.

The mission of the Social Justice Council is to:

  • Encourage a tradition of service amongst its members and the College community
  • Create awareness within the College community about local and global social justice issues
  • Try to ease the suffering of oppressed people through action, including raising funds, writing letters, lobbying decision makers and challenging prejudices.

Issues Focus

Each year, group members will decide on which social justice issues to focus. In orderto concentrate the group’s efforts, it is recommended focus will be in two areas – a local (Australian) issue and a global issue; however, other issues may be addressed as they arise or at the wish of group members.


The group meets once per cycle and students are elected to service positions within the group at the end of each year.


The co-ordinator of the Social Justice Council is Marc Beavon,

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