Dance is a form of communication which heightens awareness of, and develops respect for, the body and increases the quality of a person’s physical wellbeing.

Dance education fosters the development of special interests and talents not emphasised in other educational areas and transferable social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

It provides opportunities for students to critically examine their experiences and understandings of dance both theoretically and practically. Creative and problem-solving abilities are fostered through research, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and communication of ideas, images and feelings. Students build self-confidence and the necessary social skills to work effectively, individually and in teams. Students have the opportunity to explore a range of technologies and their impact on the creation, performance and analysis of dance.

Dance Groups are regularly invited to perform at College events and liturgies, often collaborating or incorporating student work from the Music and Art departments to create uniquely expressive artworks.


The Co-curricular Dance program is co-ordinated by Ms Jo Brasch-McPhee, with choreography and assistance by past students, and the current Dance Captains.

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