Learning Enrichment Centre
Learning Enrichment Centre
The Learning Enrichment Centre at Mt St Michael's is a multi-disciplinary hub of learning.

The Learning Enrichment team, consisting of the Learning Enrichment Coordinator, Vocational Educational Coordinator, and Learning Enrichment Assistants, work collaboratively with students, teachers and parents.

The Middle School Coordinator also plays a vital role working in close collaboration with the team.

Whilst the primary venue for catering for individual differences is the classroom the Learning Enrichment team focuses on supporting classroom teachers in catering for students with varying individual needs and abilities with respect to learning readiness, background, interests, talents, and learning profile. Students have a variety of strengths and face a diversity of challenges and our role is to assist teachers identify and foster the development of strengths, whilst providing support to assist students cope with challenges.

The Learning Enrichment Coordinator provides teachers with detailed background information so that teachers can maximise learning opportunities for students.


Gifted Education

The Learning Enrichment Coordinator oversees opportunities for gifted students within the College to provide them with opportunities for extension. There is an emphasis on careful diagnosis, collaborative planning and regular review.

Students have the opportunity to participate in special interest projects, mentoring, program and assessment differentiation, subject acceleration, and access to external competitions such as Future Problem Solving, Days of Excellence and Tournament of Minds, as well as participation in university studies whilst in Year 12.

Learning Support

The Learning Enrichment team monitors students with specific learning needs in Years 7-12, working in partnership with the classroom teacher, to support student learning. Class work may be differentiated and individual programs and assessments can be devised. In collaboration with the Middle School Coordinator, with the support of senior students, tutorial assistance is provided to Middle School learners through weekly after school sessions.