Launch of CaSSSA – Catholic Secondary Schools Sports Association

The launch of CaSSSA at the commencement of this year represents a new era for the management and promotion of sport for Catholic Colleges for girls in Brisbane. The new constitution brings the previous three tiers of management, the Interschool Carnivals for Swimming, Athletics, Cross country, Wednesday sport and Tennis  under one umbrella providing consistency across all levels of operation.

The goals of CaSSSA include the promotion of sport for young women for health and fitness, participation in team events, enjoyment and upholding competition played in the very best spirit of respect and excellence.

The Association was launched at a gathering at All Hallows School at the beginning of this term. Our guest speaker was Australian swimming champion, Suzie O’Neill, an icon in her sport and a wonderful role model for our young women. Susie O’Neill still holds interschool swimming records from her era of the mid 1980s; a remarkable and graceful champion.

With the commencement of the new association the major trophies have been renamed and the pennants rebranded.

At the inaugural CaSSSA Swimming Carnival in March we achieved our goal in having our College as the first name on the new trophies; the Percentage Cup and the All Age Relay.

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