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Mission STatement

Students educated at Mt St Michael's College will be nurtured in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity

We do this by:

  • aiming for personal excellence in spiritual, academic, social, cultural and sporting pursuits
  • providing a diverse and innovative curriculum and excellent facilities
  • encouraging critical thinking, co-operation, the development of self-esteem and the ability to manage change
  • valuing uniqueness and supportive relationships
  • providing experiences that teach empathy with those who struggle or suffer
  • inspiring a personal commitment to Hope and Action.

We value:

Faith and Love

Mt St Michael's College is a community of faith grounded in the belief that Jesus is the expression of God’s constant love for all.  It is this love that gives us the courage to move beyond what is comfortable and to reach out in ways that are caring and meaningful.
The Mt St Michael’s College Community demonstrates this:

  • in our Religious Education curriculum that teaches that Jesus, the Catholic faith tradition and the study of religion and philosophy
  • by being a celebrating community
  • through experiences of prayer and spirituality.


Justice reflects the dignity of the human person.  It must be a balance between the rights and needs of the individual and the good of the global community.
The Mt St Michael’s College Community demonstrates this by:

  • teaching an awareness of social disadvantage locally and globally
  • encouraging all members of the community to be positive agents of change in the face of injustice
  • promoting an awareness of both rights and responsibilities
  • being proactive in promoting behaviour according to the example of Jesus
  • providing inclusive, affordable education.


We believe forgiveness is an integral part of our Christian faith, which nurtures a wholeness that allows the opportunity for inner peace and healing. Forgiveness is a learning process which incorporates acceptance of our humanness.

The Mt St Michael's College Community demonstrates this:

  • by teaching and modelingthat forgiving others and ourselves can be a difficult process, which involves self-examination and the ability to distinguish between the person and the behaviour
  • by taking advantage of all opportunities to promote reconciliation and healing
  • through caring and constructive responses when mistakes are made.


Respect involves the nurturing of self-worth by valuing and celebrating our own differences, and the recognizing and appreciating the differences of others.

The Mt St Michael's College Community demonstrates this by:

  • fostering a welcoming community spirit
  • taking particular care of new members of the College community
  • practising active listening
  • accepting each other's viewpoints, ideals and beliefs.


Compassion is our response to those who cry out in need, within Mt St Michael's community and beyond. The face of compassion is love in action.

The Mt St Michael's College Community demonstrates this:

  • through practical responses to human need
  • by believing and modelingthat every act of love can make a difference.


Leadership is shared by all. At Mt St Michael's we see leadership as service. This leadership is a journey of courage and commitment according to the life of Jesus.

The Mt St Michael's College Community demonstrates this by:

  • encouraging co-operation and collaboration
  • encouraging styles of leadership that empower
  • actively discouraging notions of leadership that foster power for its own sake
  • alerting potential leaders to their talents
  • welcoming noted leaders to share significant College events.


Self-discipline is intrinsically linked with strength of character and courage. The goal of self-discipline is personal integrity.

The Mt St Michael's College Community demonstrates this by:

  • teaching and modeling that self-discipline is an ongoing process within the context of making choices, setting goals and dealing with the consequences.


Co-operation can only be built on relationships which are models of acceptance, honesty and trust.

The Mt St Michael's College Community demonstrates this by:

  • ensuring its processes and procedures are inclusive at all levels
  • maintaining effective communication.


Courage is the ability to withstand pressure to be less than who we can be. We need courage to maintain our personal integrity in difficult situations. We support members of the community in their efforts to take courageous steps in the ordinary, everyday aspects of College life.

The Mt St Michael's College Community demonstrates this by:

  • standing up for what is right despite the possibility of unpleasant consequences
  • proudly acknowledging a personal success, even in the face of criticism
  • asking a question when you think you are the only one who does not understand


Stewardship refers to the nurturing of the human person, the developing of one's own gifts and using them for the service of the community.

We are responsible for ensuring that the life, gifts and talents of others are developed to the fullest potential.

The ownership, administration and use of all resources, including the environment, must be in accordance with the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church.

The Mt St Michael's College community demonstrates this by:

  • setting in place procedures which publicly acknowledge individual successes of a community, academic, sporting or cultural nature
  • providing a flexible approach to curriculum
  • careful and thoughtful planning for the current and future development of resources both human and physical in a way that reflects the ethos of the Sisters of Charity
  • teaching appreciation of the resources available to us.
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