MSM Aeroschools – 2016 State Championships
On Friday 12th August, the MSM AeroSchools Team travelled down to Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium to compete at the 2016 State Championships.

Some fantastic routines were performed with every MSM athlete qualifying through to National Championships which will be held in Bendigo later this term. Overall, MSM was awarded 24 medals; 9 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze – an amazing achievement! The results were as follows:

Level 3 Junior Pair:
1st – Ella McFadden & Kiah Scamp
2nd – Imogen Harris & Sophie Allen
3rd – Cate Biddulph & Rebecca Wong

Level 3 Junior Trio:
2nd – Allegra Costello, Kiah Scamp & Grace White

Level 3 Junior Group:
1st – Sophie Allen, Cate Biddulph, Imogen Harris, Ella McFadden & Rebecca Wong

Level 3 Intermediate Pair:
1st – Amelie Gillerat & Emilee Tong
3rd – Meg Hale & Skye O’Connor

Level 3 Intermediate Trio:
1st – Anthea Konstantinos, Ionie McLean & Kaitlin Wong
2nd – Chelsea Geyer, Meg Hale & Skye O’Connor
3rd – Emily Barnes, Jorja Knott & Alex Treston

Level 3 Intermediate Group:
1st – Miranda Evans, Anthea Konstantinos, Ella Marshall, Ionie McLean, Ella Sharland & Kaitlin Wong
2nd – Grace Galloway, Amelie Gillerat, Lucinda Knapp & Emilee Tong

Level 4 Intermediate Pair:
1st – Cara Bedford & Peggy Tamone
2nd – Maddy Arthur & Eve Darwin
3rd – Penelope Allison & Amelie Marsland

Level 4 Intermediate Trio:
2nd – Maddy Arthur, Phoebe Bergh & Sophie Hardiker
3rd – Bree Goodale, Jess Moten & Claudia Scannell

Level 4 Intermediate Team:
1st – Cara Bedford, Phoebe Bergh, Bree Goodale, Sophie Hardiker & Peggy Tamone
2nd – Penelope Allison, Maddy Arndell, Eve Darwin, Angelique De Aguiar & Amelie Marsland

Level 5 Intermediate Pair:
2nd – Ghielaina Waigh & Paris Waigh

Level 5 Intermediate Trio:
3rd – Abby Lavin, Ghielaina Waigh & Paris Waigh

Level 5 Senior Pair:
1st – Lauren Huston, Emily Treston
2nd – Sammi Knott & Abbey O’Keeffe

Level 5 Senior Team:
1st – Lauren Huston, Sammi Knott, Abbey O’Keeffe & Emily Treston

Congratulations to all athletes and we now look forward to National Championships.



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