MSM Athletes qualify for National Championships
Aero school

After a very successful AeroSchools State Championships, we are happy to announce that all of our MSM athletes have qualified for National Championships.

The students performed beautiful routines and it was wonderful to see the improvement from the previous competition. Please find the results below:

Level 3 Junior Pair:
1st: Amelia Burton & Jess Morton
4th & qualify to nationals: Ella Landolt & Emilee Tong

Level 3 Junior Trio:
1st: Amelia Burton, Ella Landolt & Jess Morton

Level 3 Junior Group:
1st: Eve Darwin, Bree Goodale, Anthea Konstantinos, Skye O’Connor & Emilee Tong

Level 3 Intermediate Pair:
1st: Maddy Arthur & Olivia Ruysch
2nd: Penny Allison & Claudia Scannell

Level 3 Intermediate Trio:
2nd: Meg Hale, Sophie Hardiker & Emma Rose

Level 3 Intermediate Group:
2nd: Cara Bedford, Phoebe Bergh, Peggy Tamone & Alex Treston
3rd: Maddy Arthur, Meg Hale, Sophie Hardiker, Emma Rose & Olivia Ruysch
4th & qualify to nationals: Penny Allison, Ella Marshall, Amelie Marsland, Nicola Odessa & Claudia Scannell

Level 4 Intermediate Pair:
1st: Mia Butler & Abby Lavin
2nd: Amber Boyce & Angelique De Aguiar
3rd: Bella Dargusch & Josie Hogan

Level 4 Intermediate Trio:
2nd: Maddy Arndell, Alice Mainey & Bronte Vuocolo

Level 4 Intermediate Group:
1st: Mia Butler, Bella Dargusch, Josie Hogan & Abby Lavin
2nd: Maddy Arndell, Amber Boyce, Angelique De Aguiar, Alice Mainey & Bronte Vuocolo

Level 5 Senior Pair:
2nd: Lauren Huston & Emily Treston
3rd: Gemma Carter & Gracie Egan
4th & qualify to nationals: Sophie Carozza & Natasha Pitman

Level 5 Senior Group:
1st: Sophie Carozza, Gemma Carter, Gracie Egan & Natasha Pitman
2nd: Lauren Huston, Sammi Knott, Abbey O’Keeffe & Emily Treston

The students will now be training towards National Championships which will be held on Thursday 17th September in Bendigo, Victoria

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