World of Maths

The World of Maths Roadshow visited the College and worked with our Year 7 students providing opportunities to engage in challenging, hands-on and practical activities. The students were encouraged to develop their thinking skills and to acquire a variety of strategies required for problem solving.

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Year 7 Home Rooms decorate Christmas trees

Year 7 Home Rooms have decorated their Christmas Trees to reflect the Mary Aikenhead theme of justice.

All of the homerooms thoughtfully reflected on what justice at Christmas time means and put in a fantastic effort presenting their trees to Ms Volp.

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Dance and Drama students perform at Mater Dei School

Yesterday Ms Boch’s Dance class and Ms Kelly’s Drama class performed their respective Dance and Drama devised pieces for an audience of Year P-3 at Mater Dei School. Our students really enjoyed interacting with the younger audience and it was a very rewarding experience.

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Year 9 Drama Class -performs for Prep students

Ms Boch’s Year 9 Drama class had a wonderful experience exploring Children’s Theatre this term and performing their class play “The Water Cycle” to St Finbarr’s Prep-Year Three students. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

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School Fees Art Union closing soon

This is just a final reminder that the School Fees Art Union will be drawn on Wednesday so make sure you purchase your tickets soon. All proceeds of this Art Union will be disbursed to the Sisters of Charity Scholarship Fund. Here is the link to purchase your tickets for a prize of one term’s school fees or a $1500 shopping card of your choice.

Thank you for your support.


Ms Sargent receives an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award

Ms Kate Sargent, Curricular Leader Mathematics (Year 8,10,11), received an ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award as nominated by members of the MSM Community. This nomination acknowledges Ms Sargent’s expert knowledge, exemplary & innovative teaching practice and professional engagement with colleagues, parents, carers and the community. Congratulations!


Elise Condon – U13 Qld Indoor Hockey team

Congratulations to Elise Condon (Year 7) on her selection in the U13 Queensland Indoor hockey team to contest the National Championships in Goulburn in January.

Elise has also been selected for the U15 Queensland Hockey squad, topping off an already impressive 2018 representative season. Well done, Elise.


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