MSM Celebrates 2018

As the highlight of the Mt St Michael’s calendar, MSM Celebrates was the most wonderful celebration and acknowledgement of student academic achievement and co-curricular involvement. The evening also strongly affirmed the significant role that the staff at Mt St Michael’s College play in contributing to the success of our students.

We congratulate all of our Award Winners on the evening and pride of place must go to Chloe Scriggins, the Dux of MSM for 2018.


MusicFest 2 “La Belle France, j’adore…

Many people wearing stripes, red-white-blue, and berets explored the essence of French-ness at the final Co-Curricular Music All Groups concert, MusicFest2 “La Belle France, j’adore …” on Tuesday night in the Sophia Hall. Munching on delicious pastries, camembert and baguettes, while possibly quaffing the obligatory red wine, the large audience was thrilled, moved, and entertained by a varied program of French music, from the bloodthirsty “Marsellaise” to the amusing “Pink Panther” theme, to the meditative “Gymnopedie”, with several swoon-worthy French language songs from the movie Les Choristes from the choral groups. 

Special thanks to our guest choir, the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s, and their conductor Dr Anthony Young. Huge thanks to MSM Staff, MSM Music Staff, and the Music Support Parents, led so capably by Mrs Natalie Malczewski, and all the talented Music students for a great evening of music and community.

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Year 7 students visit Lone Pine

On Friday October 26, our Year 7s went to Lone Pine to study a variety of Australian animals in their natural habitats. It was a hot day but a fun-filled one as the students patted kangaroos, koalas and snakes, and observed birds, reptiles and mammals interact amongst others.

A huge well done to the students for their cooperation and beautiful manners while at the excursion, and a thank you to all of the teachers who accompanied them on the day.

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Ashleigh Mair – QATSIF

Ashleigh Mair (Year 12) was recognised at a ceremony on Tuesday October 30 to celebrate the QATSIF scholarship holders completing Year 12 and attaining their QCE.

The funds used by QATSIF are drawn from the interest earned on the original capital built from the labour of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders under now-repealed laws. Preserving this capital means the toil of previous generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders has a direct benefit to the generations that follow and enhance the students’ educational outcomes. In this way, QATSIF stands as a permanent and positive legacy for the future.

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Year 10 Japanese students visit Genki Mart

On Tuesday October 30, our Year 10 Japanese students were thrilled to be able to go and explore our local Japanese grocery supermarket, Genki Mart, on South Pine Rd in Alderley. Students enjoyed recognising and reading script on product packaging and were excited to see the various types of foods and drinks on sale.

All students selected at least one product to try which included soft serve ice creams from Hokkaido, seaweed, rice crackers, rice dumplings and cakes and even green tea latte!


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