Arts Precinct

The Arts not only serve our aesthetic and expressive needs but also a spiritual function. They are the vital way that the image of God is made relevant in our times. David Tacey.

On 26 February this year the long awaited opening of the Arts Precinct took place with a most beautiful Liturgy. At the beginning of the liturgy, the congregation entered the space to the sound of the String Quartet and five student artists, at the front of the room, were engaging in some ‘Performance Artistry’, concealed from the congregation by their bodies. Later in the liturgy the artists moved away from their drawings, revealing five beautiful, originally drawn faces of Christ. The messages in the liturgy were about the beauty of creation and that to appreciate creation, we are learning more about the creator. This  culminated in the MSM singers leading the singing of “For The Beauty of the Earth” by John Rutter. Father Peter Brannelly blessed the Arts Precinct and Ms Terrey gave a reflection about the importance of the Arts in lifelong learning and how integral the Arts are in building the whole person. The building was opened by Dr Tessa Ho, Mary Aikenhead Ministries Trustee, and the Art students have called it ‘home’ ever since. Throughout the day it is a hive of activity and the gardens are a beautiful spot to relax at lunchtime.