QIEU Art Design Awards for Excellence

The QIEU Art Design Award for Excellence invites entries from preschool, primary and secondary school students and teachers in independent schools throughout Queensland.

Entrants were invited to let their creative minds draw, paint, print, photograph, sculpt or combine media under the theme ‘Light is Life’.

Congratulations to two Year 10 Art students, Carly Kelk and Lauren Harding for their winning entries.

Carly won the Award of Excellence for the Year 9 and 10 section. The judge referred to her piece as being particularly outstanding, making comment that it, “Reflects the essence of “life is light” through unique imagery, a powerful viewpoint and an intimate sense of self”.

Lauren won Highly Commended for her engaging photograph that was also used as the poster for the Arts Festival. The Art Department is very proud of all the students who entered in this competition.

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