Student-Leadership-500x323-2018 Update
Student Leadership

Senior School
Student Leadership is highly valued at the College. The Student Leadership Team (SLT) is elected by staff & students at the conclusion of a 2 day Leadership Training Program. Staff have the initial vote to select the group who will present prospective College Captain speeches on assembly. This group is usually between 5-8 students (varies each year), is approved by the Principal, and 2 students will be elected as college captains. The remaining positions will be voted on by staff and students. Voting is electronic and preferential. The Principal has the responsibility for the final decision regarding the selection of this team. The Senior Leaders are commissioned at the Opening Eucharist at the beginning of the year.
Co-curricular leaders form another dimension of student leadership who support the SLT. They are presented with badges at the beginning of the year.
Home Room captains in classes are elected each term to enable students to experience leadership.
Middle School
Students in the Middle School are encouraged to be involved in leadership in the following ways:

  • Leaders are chosen to organise the Middle School Assemblies each term
  • Home Room captains are chosen each term to provide leadership in Home Rooms
  • Middle School Representatives work with the Co-curricular groups in the College