TELG spaghetti bridge building competition

Congratulations to our Mt St Michael’s students who competed in this year’s TELG spaghetti bridge building competition. For the competition teams are challenged to build the strongest bridge, constructed with only store-bought spaghetti and glue, weighing no more than 300g and spanning a gap of 35cm. It is a fun and challenging opportunity for students to test their engineering skills and experience the planning, creativity, problem solving and team work required for a career  in engineering.

This year 85 teams nominated for the competition and 60 teams ranging from Year 6 to Year 12 managed to construct a bridge to compete on the day. Two of our three Mt St Michael’s teams were especially successful:

The Bridge Builders (Paris Lindner, Lara Naggs, Alessandra Spanevello (all Year 9), Shaianne Metzeling (Year7)) scored 11th place overall with their bridge supporting a load equivalent to 8.1 kilograms.

The Magical Unicorns (Georgia Fragos, Sophie Hancock, Alyssa Hastie, Isobel Jones (all Year 7)) scored 23rd place overall and 3rd place among the Year 7 teams with their bridge supporting a load equivalent to 4.6 kilograms.

This is what the year 7’s had to say about the competition:
After six weeks of hard work and a lot of snapped spaghetti, we finally got to test our bridges at TAFE South Bank. We achieved some super scores, ranging from 3 kg to 8 kg. We would never pasta-p this opportunity! Pasta la Vista!!

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