Year 11 – Life Coaching Programme

The Life Coaching Programme for Year 11 students concluded on Thursday 28 April 2016 with students celebrating their goal striving and achievement.

The Life Coaching Programme is a ‘solution focused’ skills program where small groups of Year 11 students work with a teacher trained in the GROW Coaching Model. Students decide on one academic and one personal goal to work towards over eight sessions.

In these sessions students learn the principles of the Grow Coaching Model as well as:
• Smart Goals
• Roadmap of Coaching
• Stages of Change
• Turning ANTs to PETs
• Rewarding Success
• Relapse Prevention Strategies

At the end of the eight sessions, students evaluated their goal striving, and recommitted or refocused their goals for the remainder of the term and hopefully the rest of the year.
Life Coaching aims to provide students with strategies in goal striving and achievement. It is hoped students will carry these skills into Year 12 and beyond.



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