Year 11 Students leading the Year 7 Buddy Coaching Programme
Buddy Coaching Programme

What a positive start to the day with the Year 11 students leading the Year 7 Buddy Coaching program. This great initiative is an opportunity to build strong relationships between the students; empowers the students to be focused on their goals and work towards realistic strategies to achieve successful outcomes in their learning. The teachers observed that the “rooms were a hive of coaching in action; I am so impressed with the interaction between the girls. A worthy session.”

“I really enjoyed the session with my buddies as I was comfortable talking to them about their goals. It was a time where I could help them create actions to achieve their goals.” Karla (Year 11)

“I really enjoyed how my buddy “broke the ice” really well and how we talked about my goal. I also really enjoyed how my buddy and I talked about homework, goals and MSM. I think that the buddy program is going really well.” Lara (Year 7)
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