Year 12 Charity Ball – “Hollywood Glamour”
Charity ball

The Charity Ball of 2015 was a wonderful event for all those in attendance and while both parents and MSM staff contributed a great deal to the event, it was our Year 12 students and their partners that stole the show.

Here are some of their reflections on their night of nights!

The Charity Ball was such a great night; everyone looked gorgeous. I loved having the opportunity to donate to charity and help those less fortunate  than ourselves. (Maddi)

I know I can speak for the cohort when I say we all had a fabulous time and are truly grateful for the opportunity given to us by the school to be ‘dolled up’ and enjoy a night with our friends. (Amy) 

Our Charity Ball was an exciting night and one I will always remember.  The room was decorated beautifully and everyone looked incredibly elegant and handsome as they danced the night away. (Sophie) 

All the girls ‘set their scene’ at this year’s Charity Ball. All the girls looked amazing; their dresses were elegant and classy and their partners looked almost as good! It was great to see the grade come together on the dance floor, and the teachers, too. The evening was an absolute ‘ball’. ( Mati and Kathryn) 

The MSM Charity Ball was an unforgettable night that I know the girls will treasure as a celebration of our final year together. The cohort certainly looked fit for the red carpet in their glamourous attire and truly captured and personified the theme: “Hollywood Glamour”. I know that we are all deeply thankful and would like to extend our gratitude to the staff and everyone involved who helped to make the night such a memorable one. (Tessa)


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