Community Action Network
Community Action Network
"The love of Christ impels us"

Mt St Michael’s College strives to demonstrate and communicate Catholic beliefs and values which inspire and unify every aspect of school life.

Liturgy, Prayer, Celebration and Ritual play a defining part in the life of the College. Students’ contributions to the planning and design of these ceremonies enable meaningful expressions of their spirituality and of their deep and sacred relationships with God and the Church.

The practical commitment to faith and spirituality of our students and the importance they place on the value of service to the community is best expressed in the words of our students.

Education for justice and peace underpins the curriculum framework in the College. Students are given every opportunity to understand and critique the many causes of social disadvantage. Through participation in community service and justice groups with local, national, and international contexts, students engage, support and empathise with those who struggle or suffer.

The Service / Justice groups of the Community Action Network (CAN) in the College are:

  • Missions of St Vincent
  • Social Justice Council
  • Interact
  • Environment Group

Follow links for more information on particular groups and their activities.


The Deputy Principal – Mission Mr Stephen Campion, has overall responsibility for the CAN Groups.

Community Action Network
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