Music Singers
MSM Singers
This auditioned small vocal group is usually comprised of the older and more advanced singers of the College Choir.

They learn more challenging vocal repertoire, including often singing “a capella”.  Their exciting performances are often enlivened by choreography and costumes, and the group is in demand as guest artists for College and community events.

The best preparation to achieving membership in the MSM Singers is consistent participation in choral part singing, either in the College Choir or external choral organisations.  Private vocal lessons are recommended but not required.

Audition Details

Students in Years 9-12 may attend the audition which will be held on the second Wednesday of Term 1, between 3:15pm-5pm approx. Material to be presented for audition is a chorus of an own choice song, and a set canon.

Sheet music and audition requirements will be given out at the College Choir Rehearsal on the previous Tuesday afternoon at 3:15pm-4:15pm. Set canon will also be taught at this rehearsal.  Audition requirements will also be posted on the intranet and Music Noticeboard.

Music Singers
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