Year 7
Year 7 to Secondary
We are looking forward to this significant change in education across Queensland.

Our overarching College Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016 has guided the process to ensure our continued commitment to the hallmarks of Mt St Michael’s. These encompass our mission, vision and values, our educational culture and nurturing learning environment.

Significant milestones in our planning include:


  • Approval from Brisbane City Council to raise enrolment cap to 900.  This followed extensive work on traffic management, student drop off zones, noise evaluation and community consultation.
  • The strategic plan is to reduce the intake into Year 7 to approximately 145 students (currently approximately 162) to form 5 classes instead of 6.  This will occur with the 2016 intake, as in 2015 Year 7 and Year 8 year levels differ due to the changes in enrolment age due to the introduction of the Prep year in Queensland.
  • Achieving the desired student population goal, towards 900 will evolve over the coming years.

Education Facilities

The following planning and building works have been completed:

  • The whole school will continue to celebrate major functions and assemblies in the Sophia Centre with improved seating arrangements.
  • The overall plan for the placement of each year level with the concept of Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 forming the Middle School but not separated from the whole school.
  • Year 7 classrooms have been refurbished.
  • Recently completed Ionian Centre with excellent Science facilities along with Music areas and general learning classrooms will accommodate the additional student numbers.
  • New staff areas and improvements in the administration capacity in Grantuly.
  • Renovation of student facilities.

Education Model – Curriculum and Student Care

  • Planning continues on the curriculum and student wellbeing model, again to ensure that the current practices in the College will be embedded into the Year 7 cohort.
  • The Australian Curriculum has been implemented in key curriculum areas in Years 8 to 10.  This implementation will extend to Year 7.

Human Resourcing

  • Roles across the College from Senior to Middle Leadership are being reviewed in conjunction with the new Middle Leadership Structure to commence in 2015.
  • Additional staff will be appointed to meet the identified needs.