Secondhand Uniforms

Located in M Block, Mt St Michael’s College operates a secondhand uniform shop, open weekly to our parent community. The Secondhand Uniform Shop provides parents the opportunity to purchase and sell secondhand uniform items, that are in good condition, for less than the cost of new.

Please contact Sue Bower for further information –

Trading Hours
3.00pm – 3.45pm

Got items to sell?

All items left for resale must be washed, stain-free, ironed and mended. All skirts must have pleats sewn. All blazers to be sold on consignment must be dry cleaned and have the ticket attached.

Uniform items for sale, must be accompanied by a completed Second Hand Uniform Submission Form. All items for sale are accepted at the discretion of the Second Hand Uniform Convenor. Click here for a Second Hand Uniform Submission Form.

All accepted items are either donated or sold on a consignment basis. Upon sale, money will be transferred to your nominated bank account, minus a 20% consignment fee. Prices are usually set at 50% of the Uniform Shop list price, however, these prices may change dependent upon the condition of the item. Please note that after 12 months, if these items are neither sold or collected, ownership of these items will revert to the College.