Luminous Lantern Parade – MDA

As a 2018 initiative, the Social Justice Council, lead by Alyssa Prichard, Gretel Mahoney and Rachel Shoshani, proposed illustrating MSM’s further commitment to social justice by participating in the MDA (Multicultural Development Australia) Luminous Lantern Parade on Friday 8th of June from 5pm-8pm at South Bank Parklands.

In preparation for this event, students from Year 9-12 participated in a lantern making workshop with the team from LightnUp Inc. The involvement in MDA LUMINOUS will provide an opportunity for MSM students to further their action in supporting the marginalized in society and highlight the issue of refugees and asylum seekers in the community. The LUMINOUS lantern parade is Queensland’s largest welcome event, using light and lanterns to symbolise hope and create welcome. This parade helps shed light of various forms of settlement in our diverse community.

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