Day 2 of QCS

Spirits were high during Day 2 of QCS. The 12s had their serious faces on during the two tests and their very happy faces on when the tests were finished! Well done girls!

Year 12 Pre-QCS picnic
Wonder Woman

In celebration and acknowledgment of the Year 12’s academic transformation and readiness for QCS, we celebrated with a picnic. The Year 12’s embraced their inner ‘Wonder Woman’ in preparation for two days of testing. It was great to see the students relaxing and creating moments of joy.

Book Week – Morning Tea for MSM’s top 20 borrowers
Book week

A highlight of every Book Week is when the Library holds a special morning tea for our Top 20 borrowers. Special mention must go to our top borrower, Lexi Agnew from Year 7C who has borrowed over 250 books so far this year! All the invited girls have now been given special privileges to reserve and review books in Oliver, our Library Management System.

Thank you to our Library Staff, Linda Morris and Heather Rose, who set up the morning tea, made the girls hot chocolates, and created certificates, showing each student how much money they have saved (and so have their parents! 😊) by borrowing out so many books instead of purchasing them.

Thank you also to our special guest, Ms Alison Correia the Year 7 Pastoral Leader. Finally, congratulations to the winner of the Lucky Door Prize, Emily Ford from 7F.

Adobe Spark workshop by Ms Bentley

Pre-service teachers were impressed with the Adobe Spark workshop Ms Juliette Bentley facilitated last week. The workshop focused on the use of effective and versatile digital technology for teaching resources and assignments. Pre-service teachers were excited to use these tools to heighten student engagement and collaboration in the classroom.

Day 1 QCS

Our Year 12 students arrived excited and prepared for Day 1 of QCS.

Theatresports Semi-Finals

Last Tuesday was the Theatresports Semi-final and our Senior team The Untitled, battled bravely, improvising with inspiration yet narrowly missed making it through to the next round. The players, Amelia Aspros, Ruth Boyle, Lara Wenham, Mia Gould and Bernie and Gen Ryan, unfailingly had fun every time they trained and every time they played. You will be lucky enough to see these girls and some of our younger Theatresports devotees playing at the Arts festival next week.

Thanks go to the coaches, past pupils Georgina Devenish- Meares and Clare Ryan, both highly accomplished players themselves and excellent Drama coaches. These wonderful coaches were so supportive they came to every game

Book week – Treasure theme

In keeping with our “treasure” theme, we finished Book Week by showing the movie “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” in the Library over two consecutive lunch hours. The girls enjoyed the tale of an enthusiastic pirate captain and his crew sailing the high seas and dreaming of besting his bitter rivals in a quest to win the coveted title of “Pirate of the Year.” A big thankyou to our Library School Officer, Heather Rose for providing the popcorn!

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