Year 8s launch their 2018 Theme

On Friday 16 March, the Year 8s launched their 2018 theme in the Sophia Centre. This was expertly lead by the hard-working Year 8 Semester 1 Home Room Captains who created a series of role-plays exploring how we can strengthen a sense of unity and community amongst the Year 8 cohort.

Below is an extract written by Year 8 student Annabel Coleman who led a reflection on how Year 8 intend to live out their theme of compassion, empathy and hope.

This year we are striving to all have colossal, flickering flames of love. The only way to achieve this is to share our love and illuminate others’ light. Just by making small acts of support and kindness to the candles who have a faint flame, we can help those who feel displaced and fill them with love. This year’s theme is about helping others, but it is also about recognising and appreciating when someone shares their flame with you.

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