Fide et Amore
Mission and Vision

Mt St Michael’s College aims to provide an excellent education for young women in the Catholic tradition administered through Mary Aikenhead Ministries.  Students educated at Mt St Michael’s College will be nurtured in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity to be principled young women with a passion for life, a commitment to justice and the courage to live out the teachings of Jesus.

Our core values are Hope, Justice, Love and Compassion.

We strive to ensure that our mission and vision is lived out in our day to day life at Mt St Michael’s College.  Our faith and our values will be reflected in our community and our relationships. We place particular emphasis on our relational community and the prayers of our Year 12 students posted in the Mary Aikenhead Chapel confirm that our students truly value Mt St Michael’s as a place of faith, love and learning.

The words of our 2006 College Captain and OP1 student Lucy Geraghty, in this sense are timeless.

“I love Mt St Michael’s because I am incredibly comfortable here. Mt St Michael’s College always has been and always will be marvellously special simply because it is a positive and nurturing environment in which every one of us feels safe to be ourselves and to express who we are.”

Our mission and vision is articulated in the Mt St Michael’s College Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016. (Click to Download)

In Faith and Love

Fide et Amore – In Faith and Love is our College motto and this spirit imbues every aspect of our community life.

It is captured in our College song with the words and music composed by recent past students.

Fide et Amore all Mt St Michael’s sing

Fide et Amore in faith and love we bring

Our care to those who need it,

And joy to those we meet with

We trust in God who loves us

In faith and love.