Faith Life

Our Mission, Vision and Values impel us to act for the Common Good

At Mt St Michael’s College, all students take part in religious education classes and our regular masses and liturgies.

Religious Education

Mt St Michael’s College is a Catholic faith community and all members of staff appreciate and recognise this in their day to day work. Religious Education at the College consists of two distinct yet complementary dimensions. The first is the faith formation, reflected in the religious life of the College and the parish. The second is classroom teaching and learning, with a focus on developing religious literacy.

The Religious Education program promotes the development of knowledge, skills and values that young people need to participate as active, lifelong learners within church and community contexts. Our aim is to “... develop students’ religious literacy in the light of the Catholic tradition, so that they may participate critically and effectively in the life of their faith communities and wider society” (Syllabus for Religious Education for Catholic Schools p.18).

While the Religious Education program is taught by subject specialists, some 120 staff members join us from a variety of religious and social backgrounds, contributing to religious life at the College in a myriad of significant and meaningful ways. Each school day commences in Home Rooms with prayer and College Assembly commences with Acknowledgment of Country and Prayer.

Our most defining symbol of our Catholic heritage and our specific charism as a Sisters of Charity College is our Mary Aikenhead Centre. The fused glass windows, the images and the religious symbols reinforce to staff and visitors that we remain faithful to the tradition of the Sisters of Charity and are continuously guided by the educational vision of Mary Aikenhead.

College Masses and Liturgies

College Masses and Liturgies are celebrated in the Sophia Centre and are prepared by members of the Liturgy team. 

Eucharistic Celebration

Our Eucharistic celebrations, give witness to our Catholic faith. We have three Eucharists and four liturgies each year, gathering as a Catholic community and giving testimony to our faith. These events are always uplifting celebrations of our faith with recent masses having been led by our local Jubilee Parish Priest.

Year Group Retreats

Each year group at Mt St Michael's College participates in an annual retreat where the spiritual growth of each student is nourished. Retreats are filled with laughter, prayer, reflection and song.