School Tuckshop
The Kaf

The Kaf, located on Level 0 of the Ionian Centre, is operated by an external company Alliance Catering and provides a healthy option Brekkie Menu (from 7:30 am) and Lunch Menu.  We operate a cashless system called Flexischools.  This enables parents to order online using the free Flexischools App. Parents can transfer funds from their bank account, free of charge, to their Flexischools account.

Flexischools – – 1300 361 769

The Kaf –  Term 3 The Kaf menu

Card initial set up and updating for 2018 Student ID cards:
Under “My Card” please enter “18” followed by your student number (5 digits), followed by a zero
E.G. 19000010

Funds added to your Flexischools account may take 2 to 3 business day to appear in your account *when adding funds using credit cards*.

ID card numbers can only be registered to one Flexischools account at a time. If a card needs to be used with another account please call Flexischools to deactivate the card on the old account and activate on the required account.

Flexischools funds are not connected or transferable to Papercut (Printing funds).
To add credit to Papercut please visit IT Support.

Lost  Cards: In the event of a students ID card connected with a flexischools becomes lost or stolen. The owner of the card must call flexischool immediately to have the account frozen, to prevent unwarranted use. Please call flexischools on: 1300 361 769. Our school officers will reprint a new ID card for an $8 reprint fee with account number changes which must be updated with flexischools by the account owner.