Our Community

Mt St Michael's College continues its work in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity with pride and commitment.

As reflected in our Mission Statement, Mt St Michael’s College is:

  • a welcoming, inclusive community that looks outward
  • a reflective community that understands and responds to change and renewal
  • a skilled community that strives for excellence in spiritual, academic, social and cultural pursuits
  • a pastoral community that listens, supports, challenges and forgives
  • an ethical community that discerns the way forward based on truth, goodness and justice

We encourage all students to:

  • pursue personal excellence in learning
  • make a contribution to the life of the College in a spirit of co-operation
  • develop an awareness of their place and social responsibility in local and global communities
  • develop their potential for leadership to improve their lives and the lives of others
  • respect and live by our motto, “in faith and love”