Our Curriculum

Our Design for Learning

The delivery of our curriculum is grounded in our learning culture that is shaped by our mission and values that enables every student to achieve success and be the best that she can be.

These are our key tenets in curriculum design and delivery:

  • Our holistic understanding of the human person is the foundation for all learning encompassing personal excellence in spiritual, academic, social, cultural and sporting pursuits.
  • The Australian Curriculum and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority syllabuses inform the organisation and delivery of the curriculum through Year 7 – 12.
  • We aspire to develop 21st Century Learners to become critical creative thinkers, able to solve problems and meaningfully contribute to society by generating and using knowledge in a digital global world.
  • Differentiation through personalised learning that recognises the individual’s needs in terms of learning preferences, content delivery, assessment practices, and flexibility in study pathways is part of our everyday practice.
  • We aim to provide all students with a range of opportunities to engage deeper with their subjects thorough flexible grouping arrangements, subject and grade acceleration, early entry to university, industry exposure, and a host of competitions and performances across all areas.
  • A professional team of highly able and expert teachers share responsibility for student learning and success. We are committed to continual professional improvement as we strive for excellence through collaborative team work informed by research and best practice.
  • Class sizes are designed to provide optimum learning for all students.