2021 Term 2 College Fees Raffle Winner

Thank you to the MSM community for supporting our Term 2, 2021 College Fees Raffle with proceeds supporting the Sisters of Charity Scholarship Fund. Congratulations to our winner, MSM Alumni, Maria Greenhalgh (nee Alati) - Class of 1977.

Here's what Maria had to say about winning our raffle...

"I can’t believe I won the raffle!! So exciting! The last time I won something was a jar of jellybeans after guessing how many beans were in the jar! haha. It was such a lovely surprise thank you very very much".

2020 Term 4 College Fees Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Greg Manfield, father of Elle in Year 7, who is our winner of this Term's College Fees Raffle!

We asked the Mansfield family how this news was received and they shared with us - "Winning the raffle for one terms worth of fees is a fantastic way to be charitable for the school and for families, the savings for us at such an expensive time of year has been accepted with great gratitude."

The College extends our thanks to everyone who so willingly supported our College Fees Raffle. All funds are directed to the Mt St Michael's College Scholarship Fund, to help provide Sisters of Charity Scholarships.