Positive Education

Skills and strategies to build resilience and positive wellbeing

The Positive Education Program, based on positive, performance and coaching psychology, is our evidence-based wellbeing program which teaches students to develop resilience and lead meaningful and flourishing lives. This program supports the strong Catholic tradition of the Sisters of Charity under the stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

Mt St Michael’s College is committed to providing a caring and nurturing environment where every girl is known and valued. Wellbeing is based on the practice of valuing the dignity and uniqueness of the individual who is created in the image of God. The authentic expression of love, care and compassion shown by Jesus in the Gospels is central to the MSM College community. 

Student wellbeing is a priority of all staff. It is nurtured and promoted through the spiritual, academic, wellbeing, co-curricular and community life at the College. Simply stated, wellbeing is the combination of feeling good and functioning well (Huppert & Johnson, 2010). For female students feeling good about themselves and their lives contributes to a high level of functioning. In so many ways wellbeing can be viewed as a resource for life (Oades & Johnston, 2017).

We are a Positive Education School. Our Wellbeing Program is a Positive Education Program based on Positive, Performance and Coaching Psychology. We take a proactive approach to equip girls in each age group with appropriate resilience strategies to mature and develop as adolescents. Beyond school it is hoped these skills will transfer to adulthood. This is embodied in the Mt St Michael’s College Positive Education Logo-Flourishing Futures.

The Positive Education Program is focused on promoting ‘whole student’ development. The founder of Positive Psychology Martin Seligman (2009) states increases in wellbeing are likely to produce increases in learning. 

Current research validates the strong connection between positive emotions and learning. Positive Education works on the shared belief that the skills and mindsets that promote positive emotions, positive relationships and character strengths also promote learning and academic success. There is also research showing positive education can provide an antidote to youth depression, acts as a pathway to a flourishing life, promotes learning and creativity, and enhances social cohesion and a sense of civic responsibility (Seligman, et al., 2009; Waters, 2011).

Mt St Michael’s College is a member of ‘The Positive Education in Schools Association’ (PESA). The association is a growing group of Australian schools collaborating and sharing knowledge about embedding positive psychology into their wellbeing programs, with the aim of improving student wellbeing and academic performance.

Mt St Michael’s College is also a member of the Qld Chapter of PESA.