Positive Education

Skills and strategies to build resilience and positive wellbeing

Our program offers female adolescents a suite of skills and strategies to build resilience and positive wellbeing. These skills and strategies will assist girls in navigating the highs and lows of life to lead lives that are flourishing.

The Positive Education Program comprises timetabled classes and is explicitly taught by the Home Room teachers, Pastoral Leaders and the College Psychologists. There is an evidence-based program for each year level which revolves around the five positive psychology constructs as well as exploring other positive psychology concepts.

Postive Education Program

The Positive Education Program at the College encompasses:

  • Positive Psychology Constructs (All students)
  • Performance Psychology (Special Program Year 8 students)
  • Mental Toughness Program (Special Program Year 10 students)
  • Coaching Psychology (Year 11 students)
  • Coaching Buddy Program (Year 11 and Year 7 Students)
  • Flourishing Program (Year 11 & 12 students)

Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology that promotes optimal human functioning.

Performance Psychology encompasses a set of skills to assist individuals with planning, motivation and overcoming setbacks to achieve their goals.

Coaching Psychology is described as a collaborative, solution-focused process to assist individuals to achieve their goals.

Why Positive Education?

Key reasons for this approach are the following:

  • Aims to develop lifelong resilience in our students
  • Staff and students are trained in positive psychology concepts
  • Positive Psychology concepts are research-based and explicitly taught to students
  • Increasing evidence linking successful learning and positive emotion
  • Skills taught are skills for leading a flourishing life in adolescence and adulthood
  • Our Positive Education program is focused on evidenced-based constructs: character strengths and virtues, gratitude, flow, mindfulness and savouring
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