Term 4 Sports Programs

Places still available (Tennis, Swimming, Boxing, Aerobics, Martial Arts)

Any students who would like to participate in a term 4 sporting program at MSM, are welcome to register through parent lounge - there are still positions available to participate in the sports programs for term 4.  To register for any of these programs please accept the tour through Parent Lounge, the registration fee for all term 4 sports is $100 (except Tennis, specific tennis fees are outlined below) which is paid upon registration through parent lounge.  Places in each program are limited so if you want to be involved please register as soon as possible.  Please refer any questions to Kay Roy kroy@msm.qld.edu.au or phone 07 3858 4241

Swim Fit

This group is aimed at girls who would like to swim for fitness and fun.  Whilst the training will push the girls to their limits physically, the focus is just to keep moving and increase fitness in swimming, it does not have a competitive or technique focus.  Girls from all abilities can participate in this group, ranging from beginner to advanced swimmers (advanced swimmers who would like to train competitively or to increase competitive performance would not be suitable for this group).  These sessions would not accommodate much form stroke work.

The Swim Fit sessions will be held at the MSM pool on Tuesdays 3.30-4.30pm, Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm and Friday mornings 7-8am throughout term 4, 2020.  Sessions will commence on Tuesday 6/10/20.

Swim Fast

This group is for more advanced swimmers who would be aiming for selection into the MSM Swim team for 2021, and it requires a high level of commitment.  These swimmers will be aiming to increase performance and will experience some technical correction to increase speed as well as overall swimming fitness in a competitive environment.  There is an expectation that beginner swimmers – or those who do not enjoy being pushed physically to increase performance, would not be suitable for this group.

Swim Fast sessions will be held at the MSM pool on Mondays 3.30-5.00pm, Tuesdays 6-7.30am and Thursdays 6-7.30am.  There will be occasional time trial events held on Friday afternoons throughout this term and MSM 2021 Swim Team selection trials will be held during this term (dates to be confirmed and advised asap).  Please note that selection in the MSM 2021 Swim team will not require participation in this group.  External training with private coaches can still occur – students aiming for selection in the 2021 MSM Swim Team would be required to attend team time trial events only during term 4.


After the success of our term 3 non-competitive aerobics program for 2020, we would like to offer all students the opportunity to continue with their aerobics training, focusing on skills development and strength training throughout term 4.  While there will not be the opportunity to compete, it will still allow students the chance to be involved and continue developing their skills in a social environment. 

This program is available to all students, across all levels of skill and previous experience in aerobics is not essential.  We will cater for students from beginner level through to advanced with multiple coaches available to assist at each session.
The sessions will be run on Wednesday mornings 7-8am and Friday afternoons 3.15-4.15pm in the Sophia Centre at MSM, commencing on Wednesday 7/10/20 and running through until Wednesday 25/11/20 (there will be 15 sessions available for the registered students to participate in throughout the term (there will be no session held on the last day of school 27/11/20).  The group will be limited to 40 participants to allow adequate space in the Sophia Centre for all involved.  
Students are required to wear appropriate clothing (ie tights/shorts and tshirts/singlets) and shoes (sneakers) to these sessions.  Students are required to bring their own water bottles to all sessions, sharing of water bottles is not permitted. 

Boxing for fitness

The boxing program will be run here at MSM in the Sophia Centre for a maximum of 30 girls with 2 sessions per week available for them to participate in.  The sessions will be led by the head coach of The Gap Boxing Club, Phil, who is a qualified boxing coach. The sessions aim to focus on correct technique, footwork and fitness and are available to girls of all levels of experience (students who have never done boxing before are welcome to register). 

The sessions will run on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3.15-4.15pm here at MSM, commencing on Thursday 8/10 (week 1 of term 4) and run through until the end of term 4.

Students who register for this program will be given a set of inners (cotton gloves), which must be worn for each session and are encouraged to bring their own boxing gloves (if owned).  Those who do not own their own gloves will be loaned gear for these sessions.  All loaned gear will be sanitized at the end of each session.

Students will be required to wear appropriate and comfortable clothing for these sessions – sports uniform is not compulsory; closed in footwear is required.  Mouthguards must also be worn.  The boxing sessions will not include free sparing; however, students will be taught how to apply their skills in partners throughout the term with some very safe, soft body contact when appropriate.  There will be absolutely no head contact, the mouthguard is simply there in case of accident and is a priority for all athletes in the sport across the board.  Most of the work will be done with focus pads and partner work.

Martial Arts

Any students that are interested in participating in Martial Arts throughout term 4, please send an expression of interest via email to Kay Roy kroy@msm.qld.edu.au by Monday 12/10/20.  These sessions will go ahead only if numbers permit.

Tennis Lessons - Term 4

The “MSM Tennis Development Program” will continue throughout term 4 for all interested MSM students.  Sessions will be run by qualified coaches, including our tennis Head Coach Matt Limpus.  These sessions will be suitable for girls who would like to give it a go for the first time, through to the tennis superstars of MSM who want to remain in touch and work on improving their technique and performance. Numbers per class are limited so that students can receive adequate attention to perfect their technique during their allocated class time.  This will also allow our coaching team and staff numbers to maintain adequate group sizes in the current Covid19 climate (as directed by the Qld Government in Stage 3 of the easing of the restrictions due to Covid19).

Sessions will be open only to students who have registered to participate through parent lounge.  Sessions will be held on Wednesday and Friday mornings here at MSM on the tennis courts.  Session times will be as follows:

Session 1 – 6.30-7.30am
Session 2 – 7.15-8.15am
Session 1 – 6.30-7.30am
Session 2 – 7.15-8.15am

Students can select to participate in either 1 session per week or 2 each week.  Both options are available for registration via the Parent Lounge by selecting the Tour “2020 Term 4 Tennis Coaching”.

Sessions will commence on Wednesday 6th October 2020 and run through until Friday 27th November 2020 (last day of term 4).  There will be no sessions run on student free days or public holidays.  Students will be required to meet prior to all sessions at the tennis courts so that accurate rolls and attendance can be kept (for contract tracing if required). 

Students will be required to wear practical and suitable clothing for these sessions.  MSM Sports uniform is encouraged to be worn.  Appropriate footwear should be worn, and own tennis racquet is required.

The cost of the term 4 Tennis coaching Program is split into two options as outlined below:
1 x lesson per week = $154.00 total.
2 x lessons per week = $231.00 total.

MSM 2021 Swimming Team Trials

Students that would like to trial for selection into the MSM 2021 Swimming Team, to represent MSM at the CaSSSA Cup Swimming Carnival at Chandler in term 1, 2021, are required to attend the following team trial events.  These trials are open to students who will attend MSM in year 7, 2021 or new students to the College in 2021 from other year levels.

Sunday 1st November 2020
Marist Ashgrove 50m Pool

Sunday 31st January 2021
Marist Ashgrove 50m Pool

Students that train with external coaches, who would like to be considered for a position in our 2021 Swim Team are still required to attend these trials to be eligible.  The team will be finalised after the trials in January and successful students will be given the full details of the expectations and requirements for involvement in the MSM Swim Team.  External training is still permitted for students selected as members of the MSM swimming team.  There will be some team time trial events throughout term 1 as well as team day events that students in our swimming team would be required to attend.  Specific details will be made available to selected students early next year for consideration.  Being a member of the MSM Swimming Team is a significant achievement and students will be recognised accordingly.

The MSM inter house swimming carnival will not be used as a selection opportunity in 2021.  Please refer any questions to Kay Roy (Director of Sport) kroy@msm.qld.edu.au or by phoning 3858 4241.  If your daughter would like to participate in the 2021 swimming trials, registration is required through parent lounge (which will close at 8am on Friday 30/10/20).  Students that are new to the College and don’t have access to parent lounge ie 2021 yr 7 students, please email your intention to trial to Kay Roy before 8am on Friday 30/10/20.