Career Development

Students are involved in programs and procedures to support their career development.

Years 7-9

Students in Years 7-9 are given support in career development and regarding the selection of subjects by the Program Leader - Middle School.

Year 10

In Years 10-12, the Program Leader - Senior School takes responsibility for the career development program.

During Year 10, students undertake a combined Positive Education and Career Development program where they identify personal strengths; research courses, careers and pathways to study; learn about employment rights and responsibilities; and develop a resume. This program culminates in the development of a Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan. Each student participates in a meeting where the SET Plan is finalised through discussion between the student, her parents and a College leader.

Year 11

During Year 11, students participate in a voluntary work experience program. They are supported to continue the process of goal-setting through a Career Planning Journal.

Year 12

During Year 12, students are guided to consider their post-school options. Students are given information about procedures to apply for tertiary entrance and other post-school options. Students participate in large group information sessions, small seminars and individual counselling meetings.

Students at Mt St Michael's undertake the Senior Phase of Learning using a range of pathways. All students aspire towards excellence, and work towards qualification and certification to enable tertiary study.

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