Career Pathways

School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Why do a Traineeship?

Traineeships are specialised VET pathways at MSM. The school recognises that choosing the right pathway is one of the most important decisions a student will make when entering the senior phase of schooling.  It is an investment in a young person’s future and like any sound investment strategy the student and family must base their choice on the potential returns by asking the right questions:

  1. Which training path will assist my child in gaining work ready skills and a qualification that is more than just a certificate?
  2. Which training provider will help my child transition to the next stage of her career journey? If a traineeship is more suited to my child, what type of workplace should she approach to gain valuable, real life employment skills whilst she is still studying at school?

What are School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SATs) and how do they work?

SATs can make a real difference to a young person’s life. Select students in years 10, 11, 12 are able to undertake a school-based traineeship or apprenticeship, whilst still working towards their senior secondary school certificate. Students will require approval of the School, an Employer, Registered Training Organisation and an Australian Apprenticeship Centre to get started. Students will work one day a week within the business to complete modules with a Registered Training Organisation to gain their qualification. The student must work a total of 50 days paid work per year or 380 hours.

What are the responsibilities of the student in obtaining a Traineeship?

It is important that students and their families realise that traineeships are for those students that are work ready and are in a position to do the ‘cold calling’ on businesses and are expected to put into place the proactive steps of job hunting. MSM’s Program Leader - Career Pathways will work closely with the student and the family to support that process by doing the following:

  • Identifying the career goals and work aspirations for students based on the SET Plan Interviews and in consultation with the student
  • Meeting with the student to develop an action plan for the ‘cold calling’ on businesses and recommending a timeframe for the process to be complete
  • Helping students tailor their cover letter and CV to meet the needs of that workplace environment
  • Following up with employer, if needed, to provide further information on the benefits to them and government funding available for employers who take trainees in their workplace
  • Offering the employer options for possible Registered Training Organisations to deliver the modules (once a suitable placement has been found)
  • Connect employer to a registered Australian Apprenticeship Centre who will then manage the sign-up contracts between employer, student and Registered Training Organisation

How much will it cost?

Financial incentives[1] are available to employers who employ an eligible apprentice or trainee. Depending on the type of traineeship or apprenticeship a student undertakes and the choice of Registered Training Organisation used, there may be some out of pocket expenses for the family in the way of Student Contribution Fees. It is difficult for us to identify exact out-of-pocket expenses for families, but MSM's Program Leader - Career Pathways will work with families to clarify and explore options.

[1] Note: Incentives are subject to eligibility and must be confirmed with the Australian Apprenticeship Centre.

Employer benefits

Gain a young trainee without taking on a permanent employee
A student to learn your business and gain valuable skills
Opportunity to retain your student afterwards as a full-time or part-time employee
Have someone working for you one day a week 50 days a year
Assist a young person from the local community
Government incentives of up to $4750 may be payable to the employer[1]

[1] Note: Incentives are subject to eligibility and must be confirmed with the Australian Apprenticeship Centre.

Who Can Apply?

Applications are open to select year 10 students and all year 11 and 12 VET students, who have demonstrated:

  • Commitment to their academic learning
  • Willingness to learn on the job
  • Students who are seeking paid employment and a Certificate III training qualification whilst at school

How to Apply

Applications are open from the time a student completes their SET Plan in year 10. Applicants interested in this pathway must first submit an application online at Please be aware that traineeships are generally managed in Term 4 for start in the January. Some situations may require action outside of this time period and will be managed on a case by case basis.

Students will be interviewed and assessed to their suitability for this pathway and each applicant will need to submit the following in the application:

  1. Full personal details
  2. Brief Resume (not more than two pages in length)
  3. Specification of chosen work placement
  4. Identification and evidence of at least 3 businesses that you are intending on approaching and their contact details
  5. A letter of support from parents regarding student’s suitability to find work within this industry and their work readiness
  6. A reference from someone who can verify your achievements (sports coach, community leader)
  7.  A short written response outlining your work readiness, Including:
    1. How this work placement will create a pathway for your future career goals
    2. How you intend to travel to your workplace 1 day / week
    3. The skills and attributes that you will bring to the business you intend to work in

NB: There are no right or wrong answers. We simply want to find out more about you and your career aspirations.

How long does this process take?

Securing traineeships can take many weeks. You need to be prepared to get many knock backs before the right job for your skills and chosen pathway comes along. Historically the school has a number of relationships established with work placements in the Retail sector where training of staff is formalised. You need to be prepared that if a suitable placement in the field you have chosen does not eventuate within a timely manner, then the school will need to help you find one with some of the more established partners or negotiate another suitable pathway.

Further Information

If you have further questions about Traineeships Program at MSM please email or call the Program Leader - Career Pathways on P: (07)3858 4219