Co-Curricular Art

MSM Urban Sketchers

MSM Urban Sketchers, an enriching Visual Arts club, will be commencing during Week 3 Term 1 and will continue with weekly sessions throughout Semester 1 and Semester 2. This club enables the growth of cultural literacy, empowering students to develop creative problem-solving competencies within a creative and nurturing environment. Teachers facilitate the sessions in sketching techniques with various drawing mediums such as ink, pencil, and marker. In addition, our students will take inspiration and development from multiple observation studies made from around the school and within the parameters of the school grounds.

Our students will create a sketched design onto a ceramic platter in semester one using underglaze pencils and glazes.

In semester two, our students will develop their drawing skills to create motifs designs focusing on simplistic 3D shapes and forms using line and colour onto small-sized canvas.

External Art Competitions

Co-curricular Art activities are an extension of the Art curriculum program.

They encompass students electing to enter a diverse of range of visual art competitions including,

  • Creative Generation Excellence Award in Visual Art and Design
  • The IEU (Independent Education Union) QLD and NT Art and Design Excellence Awards
  • The Lord Mayors Environmental Photographer of the Year.
  • The Young Archies Competition
  • Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing
  • The Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
  • The Pixel Photographic Awards
  • GOA Billboard Project
  • Silk Cut Lino Awards
  • Sisters of Charity Christmas Card Competition

The Art Department has an outstanding record of winning awards and prizes in these competitions.

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