Our Fees

Tuition Fees 2021
Per Annum
Per Term
Years 7 – 9
Years 10 – 12

Tuition Fees are GST free and include technology costs, routine day excursions, magazine (1 per student), student ID card, school handbook, Year 12 graduation ceremony (excluding dinner), and all necessary costs in connection with subjects other than for Elective Subject Levies (refer Attachment A). 

There is no additional IT Levy from 2020 onwards.

A component of the Tuition Fees is used for Capital purposes, varying from year to year depending on the extent of the College Capital program.  Fees are payable four (4) times per year with settlement required by the due date.  

This Fee Schedule should be read in conjunction with the College Fees Policy.

Due Date for Fees

The due dates for fees in 2021 are:

  • Term 1, Week 4 – Friday – 19 February
  • Term 2, Week 4 – Friday – 14 May
  • Term 3, Week 4 – Friday – 06 August
  • Term 4, Week 4 – Friday – 29 October

Family Discounts

Family discounts are available for students attending concurrently. A 20% discount applies for a second child, 30% for a third child and a 100% discount applies for a fourth child.

Building Fund Contribution

Contributions to the Mt St Michael’s College Building Fund are voluntary and assist in funding the capital projects of the College. They are 100% tax deductible.

Building Fund Contribution
Per Annum
Per Term
Building Fund

State Government Text Book Allowance

No book hire system is offered by the College.  The State Government textbook allowance received by the College will be credited to your fees account in Term 2. 

State Government Text Book Allowance
Per Annum
Years 7 – 10
Years 11 – 12

Laptop Computers

A laptop is provided to each student at no extra charge, however incidental charges may be incurred as follows: 

  • Accidental Damage $120 per incident (max 3). Any claims after this will be charged at full repair cost.
  • Malicious damage will be charged at full cost to repair.
  • Non-return of laptop to the College when the student leaves incurs a fee: $1,800.
  • Loss of laptop (e.g. fire/theft) First Loss: $200 excess, Subsequent losses: $300 excess.
  • Replacement Stylus pen: $65.
  • Replacement laptop bag and/or power adapter: $60.

Elective Subject Levies (Please find below)

A levy will be charged to all students who elect to take these subjects.

Alumni Association Levy (Year 12)

A voluntary levy of $20 per term for Year 12 students provides a lifetime membership to the MSM Alumni Association.  This also includes a gift from the Alumni Association at graduation.

Business Certicate III (Year 11)

An elective subject levy of $210 will be billed in Term 1 for Year 11 students who have elected to enrol in the TAFE external subject Business Certificate III.

Year 7 Charges

All Year 7 students will incur a $50 Resources Charge for Art, Design Technology, Maths, subjects and a $14 (incl. GST) charge for a lock for their College locker, charged to their fees account in Term 1. 

Parents & Friends Association

The levy charged by the Federation of P&F Associations of Catholic Schools in Queensland is set by their State Committee at $6.50 including GST and is charged in Term 1.

Instrumental Music Tuition Fees

Fees for Music tuition will be charged separately to tuition via Tours/ Excursions in Parent Lounge.  The College Music Department must be informed by the end of the previous Term should you wish to withdraw your daughter/s from lessons or full fees will be charged for the next Term. 
Hire of instruments is available from the College at reasonable rates for limited instruments. 
Please contact music@msm.qld.edu.au for enrolment or withdrawal of music lessons.

Co-Curricular Fees

These are also paid via Tours/Excursions in Parent Lounge
Water polo per season (October – April)
Tennis Activities per activity per year
CaSSSA and Social Sport Activities per activity per year
Music Ensembles, Dance, Drama and Art for the Heart per activity per year
Urban Sketchers

Enrolment Application Fee

A fee of $100 including GST is required to proceed with the enrolment process.  This is a non-refundable fee charged to offset the costs of administration.

Enrolment Confirmation Fee

At the time of acceptance of an enrolment offer, a payment of $750 is required. This confirms a student’s place at Mt St Michael’s College. This amount is non-refundable.

Enrolment Commitment Fee – Year 7 Students Entering the College in 2022

A fee of $1,000 for incoming Year 7 students is required to be paid by 1 July 2021. This fee is off set against 2022 Term 1 fees. If for any reason the student does not commence at the College, this fee is non-refundable.

Payment Plans

To assist with the settlement of Fee Accounts, we can arrange an annual direct debit payment arrangement with fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly payments. This can be set continuously from Year 7 through to Year 12 and a plan will be provided to you for review each year prior to your nominated start date.
Further information is available from the College Finance Manager, Ms Maryann McDougall at mmcdougall@msm.qld.edu.au.

Payment Plan requests must be submitted by 5 February 2021 and commence on or before 19 February 2021. 

Please click here to download the 2021 Payment Plan Request PDF

Elective Subject Levies

A levy will be charged to all students who elect to take the following subjects.

Subject Per Annum Per Term
Year 8 Art
$15.00 (2 terms)
Year 8 Design Technology
$25.00 (2 terms)
Year 8 Music
$25.00 (2 terms)
Year 9 to 10 Food Fashion & Technology
Year 9 Digital Technology
Year 9 to 10 Art
Year 9 Dance
Year 9 Drama
Year 9 to 12 Music
Year 10 Dance
Year 10 Drama
Year 10 Digital Technology
Year 11 Dance
Year 11 Drama
Year 11 Hospitality Practices
Year 11 Business Certificate III
Term 1 only
Year 11 Visual Art & Visual Arts in Practice
Year 12 Visual Art
Year 12 Food & Nutrition
Year 12 Hospitality Practices
Year 12 Dance
Year 12 Drama