Year 5 2025

Mt St Michael’s College will be introducing Year 5 in 2025 and Year 6 in 2026*

We are pleased to announce that Mt St Michael’s College will be welcoming Year 5 in 2025 and Year 6 in 2026, *pending Non-State School Accreditation Board (NSSAB) application and approval.

As we approach our centennial year in 2025, the introduction of Year 5 heralds the next chapter in the Mt St Michael’s College story as we extend our provision of educational opportunities for young women who seek a Catholic education in Ashgrove within the vision, mission and values of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.


How many students will there be in the Junior School?

The Year 5 2025 cohort will comprise 50 students (two classes of 25 students) which will progress into Year 6 in 2026 to have a total enrolment of approximately 100 students. This will ensure that our current enrolment cap of 900 students is maintained. Our students will have a seamless progression from Junior School into our Middle School. We will continue to offer student enrolment at Year 7 2027.

Who will lead the Junior School?

Mt St Michael’s College is currently recruiting a Head of Junior School who will commence at the College at the beginning of 2024.

Will specialist primary school teachers be employed?

Specialist primary school teachers will be employed during 2024 to commence in 2025 to teach our primary classes.


How does the College’s Mission Statement align?

The Mt St Michael’s Mission Statement states:

Mt St Michael’s College aims to provide an excellent education for young women in the Catholic tradition administered through Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

Students educated at Mt St Michael’s College will be nurtured in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity to be principled young women with a passion for life, a commitment to justice and the courage to live out the teachings of Jesus

Mt St Michael’s is deeply committed to this mission as we nurture and form our current students in Years 7 – 12. Through the introduction of Years 5 and 6, we can continue to fulfil our mission and provide more opportunities for families and their daughters to access a Catholic education founded in the tradition of the Sisters of Charity under the Stewardship of Mary Aikenhead Ministries.

Girls commence at MSM at the very beginning of their adolescent journey. These are such formative years of development; building personal identity, values and beliefs, character and competencies and ultimately the lens through which the future will be viewed and embraced. We welcome the opportunity to form Year 5 and 6 students and instil in them from an early age the values that were gifted to us by the Sisters of Charity - hope, justice, love and compassion. We have a wonderful opportunity to inspire them with the stories of the Sisters of Charity and cultivate connections between the Charity charism and daily life. This will include participation in social justice programs and service activities and in doing so bring the love of Christ to all they meet.

At the heart of our culture is our faith and mission reflecting our motto “in faith and love”. At Mt St Michael’s College we are renowned for our caring and nurturing environment; one in every girl is known and valued. The caring pastoral relationships that exist between staff and students are the foundation of MSM and will be extended into our Junior School.

It is an exciting prospect to begin forming our girls from a young age, as we bring to fruition our Vision of the MSM Graduate, affectionately known as the 5Cs. Year 5 students who commence at MSM will commence their journey as young women of commitment, confidence, compassion, conscience and competence.

Mt St Michael’s College continues to recreate itself, always mindful that the Gospel and ministry of Jesus is at the heart of all we do. Venerable Mary Aikenhead stated that

“The mission of the Sisters of Charity is to bring each person the love, the tenderness and concern of Christ to the poor”.

This is what we wish to instill in our Year 5 and 6 students.

Will the Junior School students participate in a Retreat Program?

A bespoke Retreat program will be developed for students.


Will the Junior School Students Study Religious Education?

Our Junior School will follow the Brisbane Catholic Education Program.

Will specialist subject teachers work with the Junior School Students?

Specialist subject teachers will engage with Junior School students in subjects such as Science, The Arts, Languages and PE.

Will the Year 5 participate in NAPLAN testing?

In Year 5, students will also participate in NAPLAN testing. The data will be used by the teachers to inform teaching and learning practices and the students’ progress will be tracked as they continued into the Middle School.

Will a laptop computer be provided?

The students will be provided with a device as part of the College laptop program.

Will there be opportunities for Learning Support and Learning Enrichment?

Our Inclusive Learning Team support students across all year levels. There will be a focus on early identification and the development of personalized learning plans to support learning.

Student Wellbeing

Will there be a Pastoral Care program offered to Junior School students?

An age-appropriate Positive Education program will be developed and delivered in dedicated positive education lessons.

Will there be Houses in the Junior School?

Students will be allocated a House prior to commencing at the College. Younger siblings will be allocated the same House as their older siblings.

Will Junior School students be involved in Assemblies?

Students will be involved in Whole School Assemblies and will have their own Junior School Assemblies.

Will the Junior School Students have leadership opportunities?

An age-appropriate leadership program will be developed, along with a mentoring program involving students in the Middle and Senior School.

Will my student have opportunities for orientation activities before she starts Year 5?

A thorough orientation program will be conducted to ensure a smooth transition for our Junior School students. This will include a “Welcome to MSM” Family Interview in Semester 2.

How will the College enable a smooth transition for my daughter if she enters directly into Year 7?

The College currently has an extensive orientation program for our incoming Year 7 students including “Welcome to MSM” Family Interviews.

Co-curricular Program

What Co-curricular opportunities will be available for my daughter?

All Junior School students will be able to engage in a variety of Academic, Sports, Arts and Mission co-curricular opportunities throughout the year.


Academic co-curricular activities will be designed to enrich and support the learning needs of our students. As such, they will be responsive to the interests of our students. Activities may include: Mathematics and Science Competitions, Debating, French Club, Japanese Club, History Club, Harry Potter Club.


The College is committed to promoting students to have an “active lifestyle”. Students will have access to our onsite sporting facilities including the swimming pool, netball, basketball and volleyball courts within the Sophia Centre as well as our outdoor tennis courts.

The College currently has an extensive sports program that offers both competitive and social sports. Students can be involved in Regional, State and National Representative sports. This program will be extended to students in the Junior School.

We also have Interhouse Carnivals in the areas of swimming, cross country and athletics that Junior school students will also be involved in.

The Arts

A variety of co-curricular Arts opportunities currently exist that allow our students to express their creativity. Some examples of opportunities that students may choose to be involved in include: choirs, bands and ensembles, dance groups including Liturgy Dancers, Art for the Heart and Drama Club.


What uniform will they wear?

A suitable uniform will be designed and will be available from the College Uniform Shop.


What facilities will the Junior School have access to?

As part of the masterplan, the College has submitted a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) application to build a proposed new Learning Centre which will include a new library. Our current library is a welcoming space that hosts special activities on Library Lovers Day and during Book Week.

Students will also have access to specialist facilities such as science laboratories.

Playground facilities will also be developed.

School Fees

What will be the school fees for the Junior School?

Year 5 and 6 fees will be the same as Year 7. Currently the fees are $11,780 which includes the provision of a College laptop. The College Board reviews the fees annually and they are published on the College website prior to the start of each year.


Applications for Year 5 2025, 2026 and 2027 are now open. Click here to enrol.

Key Dates for Year 5 2025

  • Thursday 25 January 2024 - Enrolment applications for Year 5 2025 close.
  • Friday 16 February 2024 – Offers distributed to families.
  • Friday 1 March 2024 – MSM Open Evening.
  • Friday 15 March 2024 – Acceptance of enrolment due.
  • Semester 2 2024 – Year 5 2025 Orientation Day and “Welcome to MSM” Family Interview.