How to Enrol

An application for enrolment must be made on the official Mt St Michael’s College Application for Enrolment form.

All enrolment applications must be submitted online via the official Application for Enrolment Form through ‘Apply online’. A non-refundable Application Fee is payable as part of the online process and must accompany the application. If you have any questions regarding this process please contact

Application submission

Once a completed Application for Enrolment form has been submitted and received, the student’s name is placed on the nominated waiting list. A confirmation email and receipt for payment of the application fee is sent to applicants.

Applications for Year 7 2025 are closed.  Applications will be assessed during Term 1 and Term 2 with families advised of outcomes at the end of Semester 1, 2022.

Year 7 2023 – Waitlist closed. Waitlisted applications will be reviewed in Term 2 2022.

Enrolment Process* 

Once an application has been submitted and the student has received confirmation of placement on the nominated waiting list, we will make contact with families as the student is completing Year 3. During the course of the year, applicants will be contacted and asked to provide any updates to details contained in the application and to request copies of supporting documentation. It is important to notify the College Registrar immediately if any contact information provided to the College changes during this process.

*Applications are only deemed complete once this information has been received. Only completed Applications for Enrolment will be assessed. Failure to respond to a request for further information or documentation may result in the cancellation of the Application for Enrolment. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep the College informed of any changes to address details.

Enrolment Offer

Applications are processed in Term 1 when the student is in Year 4 and are assessed based on the information submitted with the completed application and other documentation requested when students complete Year 3. Only complete Applications for Enrolment can be assessed. Enrolment interviews are not held as part of this process.

Where the College can offer an enrolment place, an Offer of Enrolment will be forwarded in writing to families during Semester 1 when the students are in Year 4. An offer of a place is accepted by the parents/guardians through payment of the non-refundable Enrolment Acceptance Fee and return of a signed copy of the Enrolment Acceptance Contract. 

Where an offer of a place cannot be made the parents/guardians will be informed in writing. Unsuccessful applications will be invited to join an enrolment waitlist.

Please contact the College Registrar on for further information.

Acceptance of Offer

The due date for acceptance of an offer will be 1 April when the student is in Year 4. An offer of a place is accepted by the parents/guardians through payment of the non-refundable Enrolment Acceptance Fee and returning a signed copy of the Enrolment Acceptance Contract.

Late Applications

Where an Application for Enrolment is received after the application close date, these applications will be held on the College waitlist. Should a vacancy occur applications will be reviewed and places offered in accordance with the Enrolment Policy.