Coaching Programs

As part of the Positive Education Program, the College offers several coaching programs to students based on coaching psychology which is applied positive psychology. Coaching Psychology is described as a collaborative, solution-focused process to assist individuals to achieve their goals.

Coaching Psychology
(Year 11 students)

All students in Year 11 complete a Life Coaching Program in the first half of the year where they learn the skills of setting smart goals and then activate this learning through goal striving and peer coaching. The Life Coaching Program is a ‘solution focused’ skills program where small groups of Year 11 girls work with a teacher trained in the GROW Coaching Mode

Buddy Program
(incoming Year 7 and Year 10 students)

This is a program where Year 6 students who are our incoming year 7 cohort meet with a Year 10 buddy during one of the sessions they spend at the College in the year prior to their entry. Year 6 students receive a welcome pack and are given the opportunity to get to know an older student, ask questions and find out about life as an MSM student. 

Buddy Program continued Coaching Transition Program
(Year 7 and Year 11 students-Semester 1)

Following on from the Buddy Program these same Year 6 students who have been buddied with Year 10 students continue the buddy relationship in their transition year to the College. Various events and activities are organised for the newly transitioned Year 7 students to forge stronger connections with their Year 10 now Year 11 buddy, as well as fostering a sense of connection to the College.

Coaching Buddy Program Terms 3 & 4
(Year 7 and Year 11 students-Semester 2)

This is a Formal Coaching Program using smart goals to enhance academic learning in the second half of the year. In Term 3 the Year 11 students trained in Life Coaching are matched with a Year 7 student for 4 sessions of coaching focused on an academic goal. This is an opportunity to build strong relationships and bonds between the students. It empowers the students to be focused on their goals and work towards realistic strategies to achieve successful outcomes in their learning.