Peer Support

The Peer Support Program at Mt St Michael's College

When young people have difficulties, they frequently turn to their friends or peers for support rather than approaching an adult. The Peer Support Program at Mt St Michael’s recognises this and targets the skill development of students in the school community in supporting each other. 

As part of the Peer Support Program, selected students from Year 8 through to Year 12 attend a training workshop to learn and practice the required skills of being a peer supporter.

The main targets of the training include:

  • Acknowledging and building on natural listening skills
  • Developing helping and problem-solving skills Developing interpersonal skills
  • Increasing confidence in safely assisting a friend or peer Increasing knowledge of available supports for students

Once they have completed training, Peer Supporters are identifiable members of the student body who others can approach for informal support. 
The role does not expect students to replace counsellors or pastoral leaders. Ongoing support is provided to students in the role through lunch time meetings and email correspondence. 

Peer Supporters are also encouraged to select and support different initiatives, such as Bullying No Way Day and R U OK day.